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About Us

Faewerx was born in late Winter of 2019 during the time when all of our lives took an unexpected turn. Quarantine became an opportunity for us to look inward in reflection, and our creativity could no longer be stifled by the monotony of our former day-to-day lives. We, David and Nissa, met when we were both working in the same large office building. We didn't know it at the time, but we both had been finding little moments throughout the day on our breaks to quietly craft with natural materials behind our cubicle walls--David flint knapping and making mandalas with maple leaves and obsidian, Nissa fashioning sticks, leaves, and flowers into wreaths and decorations for her cubicle walls. All of this stopped suddenly, and just as suddenly we realized how unfulfilling and ungrounded our office jobs were. We could hear Spirit trying to usher us toward a new path, and the more we listened, the more that path became clear. 

We started focusing on creating the things we'd envisioned for years, using natural materials to bring magic into the home, creating sacred and blessed spaces, in ethical and sustainable ways. We are inspired by the inherent magic in Nature, ancestral ways of creating, and a fascination with the world between worlds.

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