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These smoke cleansing bundles are made from ethically and sustainably harvested pine trees that grow in abundance here on the western coastal range of Oregon. This evergreen tree is full of pine resin which creates a smooth, woodsy aroma when burned. Pine is an excellent all-purpose smoke cleasing bundle, and is a wonderful alternative to white sage. 


(Each bundle varies slightly in appearance due to the natural properties of this item.)

Pine Smoke Cleansing Bundle

  • How To Use A Smoke Cleasing Bundle:

    • Prepare your space: Crack open a window, then ground and center yourself.
    • Set an intention: What do you want to let go of, and what do you want to let in? Visualize these words in your head, and speak them out loud if you feel called.
    • Light your bundle: Using a candle or lighter, light the end of your smoke bundle over a heat safe dish to catch any ashes that might fall. Make sure to twist the smoke bundle over the flame to ensure your bundle creates an ember. If your bundle catches flame, gently wave out the flame until an even ember is made.
    • Cleasing: Waft the smoke around the space you are cleasing by waving the the smoke bundle in circular motions. you can also use tools such as feathers and fans to aide in waftin the smoke. Make sure to pay special attention to any portals ( like windows and doors) and stagnant areas (like corners).
    • Snuffing out your bundle: Once your space has reached the desired level of smoke, snuff out your bundle by either rubbing the lit end on your heat-safe dish or dip the tip of your bundle in a shallow bowl of water. (If using water to put out the ember, make sure to hang dry after use)
    • Open your portals: Open your windows wide to let the smoke carry out your old unwanted energies and let the fresh air carry in any new energies you are trying to attract.


              Each smoke bundle is made with a loop of sting tied on the bottom of the bundle. When not in use, or inbetween uses, we recommend hanging your bundle somewhere that is dry, has good air circulation, and is away from direct sunlight. These bundles can also be hung on the wall as decoration until use. There is no expiration or use-by date on these products if stored in a dry well circulated environment, although it is common for some of the colors to dull over time. If your bundle is exposed to sunlight or excessive heat for a prolonged period it may start to turn brown. This is also common and does not harm the product other than changing its appearance. Always make sure the ember on your smoke bundle has been COMPLETELY extinguished before storing to ensure there is no risk of starting fire.

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